Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two Hundred Posts

I can't believe I have made 200 posts since I started this blog last year. That's a lot of posts. 200, to be exact.

If only there had been 200 very important things to write about, but take note: I managed anyway.

So, thanks to any and all who have wandered to the Outpost and stayed for a spell (at least long enough to read a little bit of this or that). I appreciate it, and my hope has always been that something I have experienced or witnessed or pondered or felt and then shared here has helped someone somehow.

Many hugs, and many tomorrows for us all. Here's to 200 more posts!

Friday, May 7, 2010

When the Tables Are Turned

I find it so interesting that some people feel they are entitled to forgiveness, patience, understanding and more, but are not willing to reciprocate with even a modicum of similar accommodation of others.

Although I am not immune from being insensitive at times or having the very worst possible timing, the one factor I hope I always consider and will never lose, is the human factor.

The human side of me that remembers that we are all humans, just people trying to get through life - with families, and grandkids to see, and bills to pay.

And I hope I am a person that remembers that certain things in life may seem obvious at first glance, but are anything BUT what they seem on second glance.

Sometimes responsibility has nothing to do with it. Sometimes making an exception isn't the issue. Sometimes it's just about being human. And sometimes people forget that.

Sometimes I wish that I could turn the tables and let the other person feel and experience the fall-out of their own self-importance, but that would make me the same as them and that's not who I am or want to be.

One thing will not change, however. I refuse to ignore the human factor, to put regulations and ill-advice before relationships. And I don't have time for prima donna's, or to repeat junior high. Been there, done that, couldn't deal with them then and never even wanted to buy the t-shirt.

If patience is a virtue, then forgiveness must be a golden virtue. But today, all I can manage is silver.

However I am in NM, the land of turquoise and silver, and it appears that silver is all that's expected.

I guess I am going to have to look elsewhere for gold.