Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Time

It's time. Not that I even know what time it is (all my clocks are packed), but I know it's time, past time even. It's time for me to be outta here. Gone.

I have managed to work from home on my computer (and yes, I can see what time it is on my laptop), but it's not like being in the office in DC - WHERE I AM SUPPOSED TO BE!

This move has not been smooth. Some have suggested it's a sign. I absolutely don't agree. If anything, it's a test. A test of my patience and my tenacity. And I am gonna pass.

Tomorrow the mover's will arrive and my ABQ home will be emptied, and I will leave too. It's about time.

No, it's time.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yoga Moves

8 AM. That is when my moving van was supposed to arrive earlier today. It's now 5 PM and no moving van.

No moving van, and no phone call to let me know they are delayed, lost, drinking beer, in need of a nap, overturned on the freeway, stuck in Phoenix, visiting relatives, or whatever the excuse might be.

I am supposed to be moving to DC today; instead I am sitting on my couch in Albuquerque. Waiting. Stalled. Totally suspended. Reflecting.

There are other times in my past life that I remember as feeling frozen in time with no control over my intended progress. Failed marriages, teenage trials, employment frustrations. Times when the decision that was altering my life and controlling my immediate destiny was not my own. Someone else made a decision that changed my plans, my life, that day or forever.

As I have learned from these past experiences, there's not much I can do about someone else's choice or action. But I can definitely choose better for myself. I can adapt, I can be positive, be flexible - to a point, anyway.

So, I am changing airfares, advising my new boss that I will not be arriving at my brand spankin' new DC dream job tomorrow. And I am doing a lot of deep breathing.

Flexibility. Deep Breaths. Reality Suspended. Absentee Movers.