Friday, December 31, 2010

My Return to Sanity

After 5 months of attempting to blog on my "other" blog - DC(undercover) - I have exited stage left and returned to Gia's Outpost. I love this blog, I love who I am here, I love where it started.

I'm back - or almost. Right now I am in Santiago, Chile after spending time here and in Buenos Aires, Argentina for both work and pleasure. For Christmas, actually. I had an amazing time.

2010 has been an important year for me. I made a move to DC for a job and cause that I love. I have traveled to South America and met amazing people. I was able to spend time with Kurt and Ashley and their family in Santiago where they are living for six months with Start Up Chile.

There are critical parts of my life that still aren't what they should be, but I'm working on them

My kids are safe and good and happy. My grandkids are healthy and growing and fun.

My life is good, for the most part. And I am relatively happy.

And I am returning to sanity. Blogging here is the first step.

I'm almost ready for a hike.

PS Click here > DC(undercover) if you want to read my August - December 2010 blog entries.

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