Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've Had Just About Enough of Jake

I wondered what would motivate me to write here again. My life has been pretty crazy the past month and a half, but who would have thought The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka (and his now ex-fiancee Vienna) would be the catalyst?

Not me, that's for sure. I was pretty much over them both at the end of last season's The Bachelor series, but they are again. Breaking up. Publicly. With anger. With tears.

Can't they just go away? I suppose writing about them here isn't helping them to "go away", but as far as I am concerned they are gone.

I have had enough of Vienna's big tear brimmed eyes and quivering lower lip, both carefully tilted over her enhanced breasts.

And even worse, is her ex-fiance Jake. The supposed pilot ("aviation will always be part of my life"), wanna-be actor, limousine company co-owner, always a boyfriend, never a husband.

I didn't like him from the beginning. Anyone who grins like that has something wrong with them. And the tears, well, I don't need to say another word about them, do I?

For the record, I think they are both a bit questionable, however, in spite of the early bidding against Vienna, I think Jake is the one to be wary of. He's only out for himself and that was obvious from the early minutes of The Bachelor.

Abs can only get you so far, and I think Jake's at the end of the six-pak, so to speak.

Good bye, PLEASE.

Just, go away.

For our sanity.


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