Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baseball and Turkey

You might think of hot dogs when you think of baseball, but forevermore I will think of Turkey.

Not turkey dogs, not turkey sandwiches, not gobble-gobble, not the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal, but the country of Turkey.

Why, you are probably wondering. Well, because of Bugra. Bugra is from Turkey and tonight Bugra went to a baseball game along with me and our fellow students from the Atlas Think Tank MBA training in Virginia - for some it was their first baseball game ever.

We cheered, we sang, we talked about how baseball is played, we danced, we did the wave - we actually STARTED the wave, we tossed a beach ball around, we ran through the rain, we talked about freedom and in between all of that, we watched a bit of baseball.

Bugra is a young man in his late twenties who has dedicated his life to fighting for human rights and freedoms in his native country. He has had to explain what he does to his parents, and they didn't always understand or agree. He and his comrades sometimes have to leave the country simply to stay safe. They are selfless and committed to the cause of freedom.
And Bugra, although someone who has especially impressed me, is very much like the other 25 attendees at this training. Selfless, intelligent, caring, committed young people working for freedom for the people of their countries and the world.

I love baseball. And plain old American hot dogs may never be quite the same. Thank you for that, Bugra.

And thank you for fighting for your people, for your country and for freedom.

I am honored to be your friend and comrade. And not only will I link arms with you in the fight for liberty, but I will do the wave with you anytime!

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