Saturday, August 1, 2009

Outlaws and Brides

It's almost ethereal sometimes; walking in the rain, watching a sunrise, taking a shower, attending a wedding (or your daughter's bridal shower).

Yep, in the middle of all of those lovely descriptions, I included taking a shower. It's one of my favorite things and today I started my morning with a shower. Then I went for my morning walk and showered again. I am about to jump on a plane from ABQ to SLC and might even wish for a quick shower when I get there, although I won't get one. I will join Kalen and BreAn and we will head out on an overnight excursion to Cedar City.

And again tonight, after driving from SLC to southern Utah, I will take a quick shower before changing clothes to drive another hour south to Springdale, UT for yet another shower - although this one is a bit different. Tonight is Kelly's bridal shower!

I love Southern Utah, I feel as if I am standing in a holy place when surrounded by the majestic mountains and red rocks of Bryce and Zion. I am completely taken aback by the endless magnificence of it all. I feel God's presence when I am in those places, similar to feelings I used to have on Heap's Peak in the San Bernardino Mountains and when I walk the shores of the Pacific at sunset. Living in New Mexico I have those awe-inspiring moments often as I drive through the Land of Enchantment's amazing landscape and terrain. And when I return from my road trip, I am usually smiling...and (to return to the subject of this blog) ready for a shower! And since I do some of my best thinking in the shower or tub it gives me ample time and quiet to retrace my drive and remember the magnificent scenery I experienced.

So showers are the mantra of the day, my old moniker of "Green Jean the Clean Machine" was apropos all those many years ago in Truckee, CA where I worked as a AAA dispatcher. (given to me by Dave-the-mechanic one very cold day when I arrived in layers of green clothing).

But tonight it's Kelly's shower, talk about ethereal. I think of Kelly as 8 years old with curly hair and the cutest smile you have ever seen. But she is now 22, and a bride-to-be in less than 30 days, so shower her we will, with love and hope and encouragement and prayers and laughter and naughty and nice gifts.

And the most ethereal moment is yet to come, when Kelly walks to Logan in her bridal gown surrounded by the nearly unmatched beauty of southern Utah. The countryside will be breathtaking, showers of tears will stain more than one cheek, but Kelly, my beautiful little Kelly with the amazing smile and tender spirit will be the one who makes us all catch our breath. Simple. Classic. Ethereal beauty. Breathtaking beauty.

Bridal showers are wonderful celebrations of a new beginning, almost as good as that hot shower at the crack of dawn on a new day, or raindrops on a warm afternoon. Even Butch and Sundance understood that and those two guys take my breath away too, but that's another blog topic!

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head/BJ Thomas (Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid)

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