Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rocking Chair Heaven

I am back in the Land of Enchantment, but I will miss the heavenly land of rocking chairs.

My first visit to North Carolina was not the typical road trip/Holiday Inn trek across a state. I was privileged to spend 4 days at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville.

This amazing resort is all about ambiance and a comfortable, home-away-from home feeling. The rooms are filled with antiques; two-story high fireplaces roar at night and fill the 16' wide face with dancing flames as visitors sit (and rock, and talk) in a long line of rocking chairs as they enjoy the crackling fire.

Paned windows look out over Asheville and the colorful autumn trees creating a patchwork quilt over rolling hills, and carefully positioned two-at-a-time with a small table in-between are rocking chairs. Guests can sit and work, or make a call, or just look at the truly amazing scenery.

Various wings of the gigantic U-shaped main building have small meeting rooms tucked into and tacked onto corners. These rooms have comfortable over-stuffed couches, leather chairs and more rocking chairs.

As I was flying out earlier today, wishing I had more time to explore North Carolina, I wandered through the Charlotte Airport, and lo and behold, casually placed along over 150' of window looking out at the runways - rocking chairs again.

I love North Carolina. And I love the South. It's a beautiful place of gentile people, manners, khaki pants, yummy bbq, grits, bread pudding and lots and lots of rocking chairs.

What could be more comforting?  I am so glad I was able to visit.

And now that I am home, I think I will rock a bit in my own antique rocker.

The Jackson 5 "Rockin Robin"

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