Monday, November 16, 2009

Time for a Break

I woke up today - groggy, not in a great mood due to issues from the past few days, but focused enough to start working immediately and accomplish most of what I needed to.

It's amazing how simple things can get so out of control so quickly. It's a testimony to a life of silence, sobriety and living alone. I simply don't have the passion or energy to deal with certain things anymore.

So, it's time to check out again. Phone off, sunglasses on, checking out. It's been 10 years since I felt this way.

I am going to watch Monday Night Football - now tell me, does that sound like normal behavior for me?

Uhmm, no. I hate rough and tumble tough guy sports. Always have, I only go for the social interaction with people.

I hate to choose one team over the other. I feel bad for the team that loses and elated for the team that wins. I am a mess then, because I am such a baby that I experience this mixture of emotion. I cry tears of joy when I watch the excitement of the team that wins, and I feel bad for the team that shuffles off the field after losing, heads down, shoulders slumped. Everyone says "may the best team win", but I always want them both to win, I vote for a tie! A much better way to live.

Why does someone always have to win? It isn't always that black and white, except in football I guess. And then someone has to win or what would the fans do?

There are other issues where someone feels a need to "win", to be right, to be vindicated or justified, but again, that is rarely in the best interest of the whole. Winning is not a generous trait, it's a selfish trait, but it's definitely part of human nature. Competition breeds stronger, better, newer, faster, smarter, etc.

Ah well, I am off...or maybe I will just watch Dancing with the Stars, it's not quite so "tough", it's still competition at its worst, there's still a winner and a loser....but it's entertaining. Even without the social interaction of other people.

It really is time for a break.

So, as they say in dance "BREAK a leg, tough guy!" or as they say in the football huddle: BREAK!

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