Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Character - An Endangered Commodity

When young, being looked at by adults who were saying "She's a character!" never really phased me. Later in life I realized that being a character and having character are two very different things.

I am still a character, no doubt about it. And I am constantly working on my character, which is developed from the time you are old enough to know right from wrong and choose correctly - or not.

Being a person of character can have many interpretations, but to me it means being a person who is honest and forthright and courageous, someone who owns up to their mistakes and takes responsibility for their choices. A person of character is someone I respect.

Character takes a lifetime to build, but can be destroyed in a nanosecond. A man's character can be determined by the choices he makes when he believes no one else will know.

Living life honorably, with character, takes courage.

Courage seems to be a dwindling commodity these days, more and more youth choose to hide behind alcohol and drugs, in the shadows of their parents, behind their peers, in a cloak of mystery or a hood of denial.

Courage is a national treasure that is truly at risk.

Persons of character are quickly becoming an endangered species.

Character itself is an endangered commodity.

I know that my reaction to someone who acts with courage and honesty is much more positive than it would be to someone who behaves in a cowardly  and cavalier way. Especially in the face of life changing events.

People without character are selfish and self-centered.

I am grateful to know so many kind, generous, honest folks. Six of them are my children. They help me to strengthen my character every day.

Again, something I am very grateful for.

Build character. Tell the truth. Care about others. Choose wisely. Take responsibility.

And don't hide under a hood, or in a dark room, or behind a locked gate. It isn't funny. It isn't brave. It isn't kind.

If your character is lacking, fix it. Start making the right choices. If you don't respect yourself, how in the world can we?

Respect and character aren't free, they take work. You have to develop and earn both. And life will sort those with and those without in the blink of an eye.

We all love a character, but more importantly, we respect a person of character.

Find yours.

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