Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lists of Lists

It all started with a list.

I began my day with a Weight Watcher approved breakfast. I followed my nourishment with a 20 minute walk. Two check marks.

I made my bed. One check mark.

I fed Doodle. One check mark.

I showered and dressed for the day. Two check marks.

I have emailed and called and followed up and confirmed and reaffirmed and organized a small event that our company is hosting tomorrow night. Six check marks times 30.

I have mailed boxes of stuff to hither and yon. Two check marks.

I washed, dried, folded and put away sheets and towels and other laundry. Three check marks. At least.

I worked on a grant proposal. One HUGE check mark.

I returned some items that were purchased over the weekend. One check mark.

I rebalanced my budget based on recent changes in expenses and income. One check mark.

I picked up the company mail. One check mark.

I made dinner (and ate it) per Weight Watchers guidelines. One check mark.

I did the dishes. One check mark.

I fed Doodle. One check mark.

I walked Doodle. One HUGE check mark.

I am headed to an early bed...I checked my list - twice or more - and I am done.  One check mark.

Well, I am almost done...it's time to make my list for tomorrow. Checking the check marks.

Going through past days lists to make certain I didn't miss anything. One check mark.

Birthdays? Anniversarys? Phone Calls? Bank Deposits? Lunch Appointments? Check, check, check, check, check...

Meds? Exercise? Check, check...

Making a list of lists. CHECK!

I have lists of lists.

I think it all will end with a list. Or, will it ever end?

Not sure, let me check my list....

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