Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Freedom is Our Destiny

I am a Mom.  I am fighting for freedom. Who would have ever thought it would be necessary?

Not that fighting to protect our freedoms hasn't always been necessary, but we haven't typically needed to protect our freedoms from our President.

You have to wonder why we are sending young men overseas in an effort to protect freedom, but watching it disintegrate at home. Does he think we won't notice? Does he not notice the young men who are returning in coffins?

It's a new world, and I am a Mom, and a Grandma, and I am linking arms and fighting for freedom. Wake up, America and join the fight. (I blogged) (I replied) (I blogged) (I replied) (I replied)

Grab a computer and join in...

Or grab a table, link arms and climb time for dancing, but loons are welcome!

Freedom - it's our destiny. And it's our children and grandchildren's destiny too.

Robert Miles "Freedom"

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