Friday, October 16, 2009

Prayer Works

Life just improved dramatically.

I am mouse free. Not a single dropping or sighting  in over a week.

How did this miracle happen? After a MONTH of sleepless nights, near-laryngitis from Native American chanting, tearful prayer and lots of aerobic activity in the kitchen -  we plugged the holes in the laundry room!

Yes, you read that correctly. We plugged the holes in the laundry room! The SAME holes, I must state, that I pointed out the very first time the bug/mouse guy came to the house. The very SAME holes that he said were not mouse holes.

ALWAYS get a second opinion!

Suddenly I can sleep. I can cook again. I can WALK into my kitchen...silently.

No more clogging. No more chanting. No more Native American prancing.

No more mice! For now they are only a memory - I hope they stay there.

Prayer works! And the poison bait and toxic putty foam didn't hurt either.

CATS - the musical "Memory"

Elaine Paige - Memory

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