Monday, October 19, 2009

FEAR (of the White House)

You know, I sleep with a gun near my bed because I sometimes get afraid at night (yes, I know how to use it). But today I had shivers of fear different than anything I can remember.

Our President, the man we  you elected to the highest office in the land of the brave and home of the free, the man you we should all be able to trust as the greatest protector of freedoms in the world, the leader supposed-leader of the free world, is launching an attack on FOX News.

I am not a regular viewer of FOX News, I prefer local news folks. But as of today, FOX News has a brand new fan - me. I will tune in constantly because I have the right to do so.

Shame on the President. Doesn't he have better things to do? The infomercials were bad enough, but this is beyond anything I could have expected - and recently I have been expecting the worst from this guy.

He is single-handedly trying to withhold the  basic freedoms we hold near and dear, beginning with Freedom of Speech. Who is this guy?  Does he even remember that he represents America, the people, us?

If the American people don't want to listen to FOX News, they won't watch it.

I didn't.

But now I do, because now I am really afraid, and not just at night.

America Is Me

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