Saturday, December 5, 2009

Couch Potato Day

It's one thing to take a day for yourself after several weeks of non-stop stress, work and travel....

It's another to be sitting on your couch at 6:15 PM watching a christian country gospel show in the pair of sweats you pulled on over your jammies at 6:15 AM after reading the newspaper front to back, watching endless (and unmemorable) TV shows while simultaneously posting on Facebook.

Add to the mix a day-long munchfest, overcooked brussel sprouts and cold ravioli for dinner, and a resulting longing to cook well enough to be on Top Chef, and you have an authentic, totally wasted, couch potato day.

I am not a potato and I don't even like my couch anymore so that leaves "day", and this one must have been necessary in some form, but it is wasted now. One day - gone.

I hope tomorrow will at least get me to the rocking chair. But for now, it's an early bedtime for me! A day of non-activity and non-production is more exhausting for me than my normal multitasking productive hours.

This couch potato is gonna pull the quilt up, tuck her toes under the cushions and close her "eyes".  Not even a Tempur-pedic can tempt me tonight.

I am a couch potato today and it's a couch potato day, and night.

Now where's that remote.....?

Weird Al "Couch Potato"


  1. You make me laugh and not feel so guilty for watching tv, ha! Let's connect as fibro buds- following you on Twitter now :-)) Cinda Crawford

  2. Hi Cinda, I am glad you enjoy my strange life has been so hectic the past few months that I have not been as faithful as I should have been with my writing, but 2010 promises to be a bit more under control!

    Thanks for reading and following, I love to connect with new friends!

    Gia (JeannieB)