Saturday, December 5, 2009


I love acronyms. Especially when they work in my favor.

I also H8 acronyms. Because they are taking over the world.

The internet has taken acronym-ese to a new level.

Between acronyms and emoticons and avatars, we can now communicate messages and feelings without speaking a single word, and without knowing anything about syllables, or syntax, or voice tones, or body language, or eye contact. Or even the real identity (oops, I meant "ID") of the other human being (I assume it's a human, not just a voice-enabled or avatar-loaded computer program).

We are now a world that communicates in type and altered smiley faces quite well, but not so well in person.

We even exercise with avatars on the Wii. We play games with avatars online and on Xbox, etc. Emails arrive with Pp's of abbreviated words and acronymized topics. Sometimes are rare verbal conversations are even filled with shortened versions of words that used to be commonly used for effective communication.

AAMAF, I received an IM from someone I had not talked to in several years. It was ABT time.

Speaking in acronym-ese is a challenge.

Sometimes it's OK:
  • I work for RGF.
  • Yesterday I joined the collective TGIF cry.
  • AFDA I had an EKG and it was AOK.
  • I am now G2G (good to go).
  • Life suddenly looks GR8, I can return to exercise and activity.
Sometimes it's not:
  • I used the term BFF for the first (and last) time ever last week.
  • Or when there's TMI
  • Or when there are capital letters throughout a sentence and you don't know WTF they mean!
We now have acronyms for everything from the tender - TRDMC (tears running down my cheeks), to the callous - TS (tough s-it!); but I suppose TTBE (that's to be expected). And we also have an internet acronym dictionary (or 2, or 3) online for instant access.

That's just TMFM (too much for me).

IAC (in any case), I am heart healthy and ready to rock and roll. IWLYK how things go.


 Bobby McFerrin "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

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  1. I <3 acronym-ese. But I'm esp. gr8fl tht u r aok.