Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Miles of Files

I recently had to purchase two new file cabinets. I chose vertical files by HON - my favorite manufacturer of file cabinets (yes, I actually have a fav).

However, after spending the ENTIRE day organizing piles of papers, resulting in miles of files, it seems that a lateral file might have been a better choice. After all, a mile of files stacks pretty high - oh, about 5,280 feet or so.

How high is that? Well, it seems that a mile of files is equivalent to approximately the same elevation of most of the favorite places I have lived throughout my life. It's a very odd reality that I just discovered, it seems that no matter how much of a gypsy I am, I really don't wander as much as I thought since I have lived at very similar elevations for most of my life.

First, Lake Arrowhead, California - 5,174 elevation.
Second, Salt Lake City (Cottonwood Heights), Utah - 4,823 elevation
Third, Roslyn, Washington - 2,247 elevation (OK, that's not the same, but I had to include it; and Yucaipa - 2,618, Crestline 3,613 as long as I am at it)
Fourth, Albuquerque, New Mexico - 5,312 elevation

And now a mile of files...I seem to be stuck in a rut, but it's one I like so I am gonna stick with it.

So here I am, at 5,312 elevation with a mile of files organized and stacked in vertical drawers. I guess that's better than piles of files, even at my mile-high home.


  1. Shouldn't you move your papers onto hard drives for longer use?

  2. *chuckles* Wow, a talking file cabinet. Who would have thought?!?

    Most things are on my hard drive, but I am old school, and lots are saved on paper too. And most of my files are active files - events, fundraising campaigns, sample materials, etc. And I want to be able to pull them out and look, and make notes in ink - scrolling through the page on a computer screen just doesn't cut it sometimes.