Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Tiger By The Tail

It's hard to catch a tiger by the tail when the tiger firmly tucks his tail between his legs and goes into hiding (especially after chasing tail).

That being said, Tiger Woods has a few tails some issues to deal with - over a dozen tails issues or so it appears.

But more relevant to me is Elin, his wife. She has some tough issues of her own to deal with and some important choices to make right now.

Her life has been changed forever without her input. Her children's lives have been changed without their input or hers. There's no going back to 'the way things were'. There's no ignoring the wiggling tails.

The question then becomes whether or not there is something that is genuine and worth going back to. And that's the kicker - disingenuous apologetic behavior immediately follows chasing tail infidelity. How do you sort through the mire, especially if it's true that a tiger never changes its stripes?

My empathetic thoughts are with Elin; to go through this kind of hurt, anger, confusion, panic, embarrassment and shock is painful enough, but to do it as the world watches and comments is something I can't imagine.

Heads win over tails when a coin is tossed and it's the same way in life: tail will always lose.

Why doesn't that resonate with some?

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