Friday, December 18, 2009

Smooshed Boobs, but No Pain

So, I finally had a mammogram, 15 years later than the recommended age of 40. Normally, I wouldn't blog about this, but after asking me if it hurt and hearing my response, my oldest daughter, Karynn, suggested that I should.

Not only was it risky and stupid of me to NOT have a mammogram long ago, but it was for ridiculous reasons. I was afraid it would hurt.

I mean, after all, the way they describe a mammo when you ask someone about it is "smooshed breasts" or "two plates come together and smash your boobs between them" or some other painful sounding procedure.

The reality is that techniques have probably improved drastically since 1994 when I should have had my first mammogram. And in any case, the technique/machine of today is NOT painful.

Let me repeat. NOT painful.

As in, NO pain.

Are there two plates that come together? Yes.

Is your boob between them? Yes.

Is it a delightful experience? Well, no.

So, is it excruciatingly painful? Does it bring tears to your eyes? Absolutely NOT.

Is it a bit uncomfortable? Uhmm, duh. Let me repeat - two plates, boob between them. Yes, it's a slight bit uncomfortable, but it does NOT hurt.

OK. Smooshed boobs but NO pain.

Got it? Good.

Now be smarter than me and DON'T wait past the newly recommended age of 50 to have a mammogram. And have one earlier if your family has any history of breast cancer or if you have lifestyle habits that would make you more susceptible to breast cancer.

My mammo came back clear, thankfully. And it DID NOT hurt.

This is an example of the phrase "no pain, no gain" NOT applying.

NO pain. Peace of mind.

Squoosh and go...just do it!

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