Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Faith, Miracles, A Little Girl and John Wayne

When a woman decides that she wants to get pregnant (and her husband agrees), it's a huge decision.

When a woman decides that she wants to get pregnant for the 5th time (and her husband agrees) after the birth of 3 boys and some not so fun trials along the way, it's a brave decision.
When a woman decides that she wants to get pregnant after 3 boys in a last ditch effort to have a little girl (and her husband agrees), it's a shot in the dark decision.

When a woman decides that she wants to get pregnant, (and her husband agrees) knowing that for the next 9 months she will likely gain back the weight she just spent 2 years losing (and more), also knowing that she will throw up daily (if not hourly) for at least 1/2 of that time, remembering that serious post-partum depression is par for the course with her pregnancies, and keenly aware that her chances of having a girl can't even be measured, it's a leap of faith.

And so, together they took that leap.

As is often the case, faith preceded the miracle and our darling little Kierstyn arrived regaled in pink skin and dark hair..............................but in this case, faith preceded but blood clots followed.

When darling Kierstyn arrived 20+ days early, we were all relieved, surprized and elated.

She was a girl! Pink was now the color of choice! Karynn had a female companion in a house of maleness. Hurray for womankind!

Our combined elation carried us all through the next few weeks until the very scary blood clot caused Karynn's leg to swell to the size of a basketball (her words). After ER trips, meds and watchful family, a final rush to the hospital followed by surgery removed/dissolved the clot and sent Karynn home with a walker.

With the resolve of a Mom who has waited for that little girl since she was my little girl, and the determination of a mother of 3 boys, Karynn walked sooner than expected, leaving the walker behind as soon as she could. She wasn't going to be unable to carry that little girl!

And so, the morals of this story are that miracles happen, faith is powerful, decisions can be risky but can also pay off, dreams come true, little girls can change ornery boys in the blink of a tiny eye and Mom's can pretty much overcome anything if it affects their ability to nurture and take care of their brood.

And that, my friends, is not JUST a story, it's a true story. Maybe even a story worthy of telling to others, certainly a story that merits a country western tune and possibly a great TV movie, but for those who love Karynn and JR and their family of boys and one girl, it was real life and we are very grateful.

John Wayne and Glen Campbell had a fair understanding of True Grit.. but Mom's really get it.

I love my little girl, and her little girl. Pink rules and girls rock!

What beauties! I can't be the only one to see the nearly identical smirks and hand/wrist positions in Mom and Daughter. I love these two girls.

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  1. This post is going in her baby book. I can't read it without exercising my tear ducts. Thank you for it.