Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Bought those Specs?!?

Ok, so they were cheap. Huge, aren't they?

Specs seem to be a right of passage. They make me feel as if I deserve respect, simply because I am able to perch them cutely on my nose.

I have various styles, red, blue, brown...large, small, square and even metal John Lennon-ey round frames...

... but my favorite pair is two-toned: dark brown on the bottom and an aqua blue (not teal!) on the top. My favorite pair wasn't cheap (like the pair in the photo).

Just recently, my son Kollin walked into a room where I was sitting and looked at me strangely, which I thought was fairly out of line since I had my favorite specs perched perfectly on my little pug nose - supposedly denoting deserved respect, not a strange look from my son - and he said, "Did you break two pairs of glasses and glue them together?"

So much for style, flair....and perch-induced respect.

I guess I will have to go gray!

1 comment:

  1. I love them! And I think we've already established Kollin's sense of style - dragons on Tshirts???