Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Rock Heaven

I love special days. Granted, every day could be considered "special" (think Utah accent - "Spa-eh-shul"), but there are some that are just more special than others.

This past Mother's Day was one of them. I spent the weekend in Moab. The weather was perfect, the B&B was lovely, but it was the hammock that made the day.

Early afternoon. Slight breeze. About 85 degrees. Book in hand and time to waste. Almost the perfect scenario, but add a hammock beneath tall trees with leaves blowing gently against a blue sky and you are close to nirvana.

I have come to love the out-of-doors more than ever in the past few years. I love the sun on my already sun-kissed skin and the breeze in my hair. The scent of outdoors in its raw and natural state is nearly intoxicating. I even like red dirt in my shoes - well, not really, but that thought brings back some great memories.

Maybe it's the natural beauty of this enchanted state, maybe it's the personal tours I have been privileged to enjoy, or maybe it's yet another rite of passage - appreciation for the earth and respect for the elements.

They say we should take time to smell the roses. In Moab, we took time to see the magnificent arches, and take a nap in a hammock.

And in New Mexico, we should take time to watch a sunset, hike in the fresh air, hit a shooting range and taste the green chiles.

Heaven can't be much better than the smell of a rose, a nap in Moab or a hike in New Mexico.

I believe in heaven.

I really hope there will be hammocks there.

Bryan Adams "Heaven"

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