Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Orange is the New Pink - or so I hear...

My son Kurt is a tax attorney on Wall Street. Disregarding a slam-dunk family vote, he did not choose this picture for his law firm's corporate website.

He is the oldest brother of three. Kollin and Kyle are younger, respectively.

Kollin towers over Kurt and is a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate. A teddy bear on the inside, he is a trained fighter, but only on the defense. He isn't trained to attack and it would be silly to retreat.

Kyle towers over Kurt too, but in direct opposition to Kollin, he always attacks and then always retreats - instantly, calling "Mom!" (yes, even at the age of 24). He is, after all, the youngest son.

Kollin has always looked up to Kurt as his older brother, well, except when Kurt was beating him up as a child; I doubt he was very wild about him then.

I always warned Kurt that someday his 'little' brother would be bigger than him, but Kurt rarely listened.

I wonder if maybe Kurt hasn't noticed that now he looks up to Kollin too(literally), because the facts don't seem to have registered on the attorney (anymore than they registered on the little kid).

There is still an ongoing challenge that began the day Kollin was brought home from the hospital and to this day, Kurt has never abandoned it.

And speaking of today, the challenge was renewed a few hours ago in the following email exchange about the color pink being assigned as a font color to identify Kollin's family on an all-inclusive family calendar (he does have two girls, for pete's sake).

So, here goes:

Kollin's email: Whoa, pink? ... Kyle should have been pink. (notice he says NOTHING about Kurt)

Kurt to Kollin: "But sinsai, Seafood Carter Wong liked pink. I will fight you....in your dojo...today."

It will never end. Thank heavens for teddy bears.

Oh, and this just in from the pink-fonted teddy bear wearing black belt accessories: "Orange is the new pink."

Or is that the orange-fonted teddy bear....I don't know, this whole color thing is getting a bit fishy to me.

One thing I am certain of is the double black belt and that's enough to convince everyone except Kurt, of course.

And salmon rules.

Let the games begin.

Walker-Texas Ranger Theme Song

Kung Fu Theme Song

(P.S. If you had $5 and Chuck Norris had $5, Chuck would have more money.)

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