Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's hard to imagine accepting a diamond engagement ring from a kneeling man while holding a gun in your hand.

It's harder to imagine a man kneeling behind a woman who has a loaded gun in her hand.

But it's easy to imagine Kelly and Logan together forever.

The proposal was proper. Dad had been asked, Logan was on his knee, the ring was sparkling and Kelly (unaware of the proposal) was probably the only thing not exactly in proper form. After all, she was wielding a pistol when she turned from her target practice to find Logan down on one knee behind her and holding a ring.

What's a girl to do in this situation? Are there etiquette books about this kind of proposal? I don't think so.

Kelly's instincts kicked in, almost as quickly as the tears started flowing, and she quickly (and carefully) tucked the gun behind her while offering her left hand to accept the blinding diamonds.

Now, we don't know what was actually said during those sentimental (and armed) moments, but I can tell you this - Logan must trust Kelly. And there is no doubt that Kelly trusts Logan.

There weren't any witnesses that I am aware of that day, but there were certainly sparkles and grins and tears and love, and yes, ammunition and weapons.

Thank heavens these two found each other.

Now they can write the first etiquette book for proposals on a rifle range, and include a special chapter about accepting a diamond ring from the man you love, while holding a gun in your hand.



  1. I think Logan was lucky the proposal didn't turn into something similar to the scene from the movie "Yes Man". The scene where Jim Carrey takes the girl shooting and when he tries to tell her something she swings around pointing the gun right in his face and he along with everybody else ducks. Kelly obviously has a little more experience with a gun and things were a little more romantic rather than life-threatening. He really must love her to throw out a surprise proposal while she had a gun in her hand!

  2. I love these two. I especially love these two together. Oh, the sarcasm we get to endure!