Sunday, January 31, 2010

Adios Cherry Garcia


I am consolidating my Blogs (deleting some), so I will post some of my blog entries here so they aren't lost forever. Enjoy!


Weight Loss Terrorists

Who are these people? You know who I am talking about...the folks that sneak into your life and leave Almond Roca on your doorstep, or smuggle a pint of Swiss Vanilla Haagan Daz into your freezer. They pretend to be kind, caring, generous souls, but they are nothing more than weight loss terrorists and I can spot them over a spoonful of Cherry Garcia any day!

Off with them! No more!


Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Cherry Garcia and I are not back together. And we are not feuding either.

A friend of mine asked if maybe things had gotten really bad between me and Cherry Garcia. I guess my friend figured the "Adios" was a friendly good-bye, but no blogging meant things had taken a turn for the worse and the good-bye might have gone sour. This should make me more diligent in my blogging!

I think the best way to describe things between CG and me is kind of like the Facebook option listed under Relationships: "It's Complicated."

And it is. Cherry Garcia and I have an understanding, we said good-bye but still feel and are connected, and that makes it complicated.

We said good-bye, but we remain on good terms. We were friends for too long to ever really walk completely away from each other. There are too many memories, there were too many years of fun and laughter; we shared intimate moments - we were there for each other when no one else cared.  At times it almost seemed as if we were one - and when times get tough there's nothing like a spoonful of love smoothing across your tongue. And man oh man, did I love Cherry Garcia? You bet I did. Cherry and I were best friends.

But as in all relationships, there were bumpy times and we took breaks. I missed CG so much that those breaks didn't last very long (and I think CG missed me just as much). So, we would make up, and I would savor every ounce of CG again - oh the pure joy of reconnecting. Just a spoonful was never enough, I wanted it all. The whole enchilada. The fairy tale. The treat without the calories. I wanted to lick the carton clean. I wanted to, but it didn't happen.

It simply didn't work that way. Life never does. Something, or someone, fouls it up. In our complicated relationship, I think it's fair to say that it fell apart and broke due to a combination of reasons. What felt like love and need was probably more like addiction and want.

But in the end, even though I am living without CG in my daily life, the memory of those special times together continue to spark old cravings and then demand new levels of self-control. It's a roller coaster ride every day.

So, to answer my friend, there's no need to worry about Cherry Garcia and me. We are still very much connected, just taking a break to establish some logic and reason and control to our relationship.

And since life is just full of surprises, I am not ready to write CG off completely. Not yet anyway. Some things are simply too good to never experience again, at some level.

Yes, Cherry Garcia and I said good-bye, but we remain close. I hope that will always be the case. There is a time and a season for everything, and breaking up completely is just too hard to do.

If and when Cherry and I reconnect, I will be sure to blog about it. You can bet on that.


It's Work, but it's Working!

Baby steps. Small portions. Smaller daily weight losses. And it's all working together to give me the determination to really do it this time.

One bite a a time, or maybe I should say, one less bite at a time.

I can do this...and so can you!

My first meeting is tomorrow - first OFFICIALweigh in (yuk). Wish me luck!


15 Minutes to Eternity

I hate to be redundant, but my blog entry at is apropos for this blog why recreate the wheel?

Check out today's blog entry over at gia's outpost. And remember, you are only 15 minutes away from success...and eternity.


Watching Weight With Weight Watchers

It's a mind game. I keep reminding myself of that.

Counting calories is not my idea of a fine dining style. Counting points is much easier so that is what I am doing.

I am counting points - I get 25 points per day and 35 extra points to spread over the week, it's pretty amazing. I actually find myself wondering how I can be short points every day - I am not eating enough.

Now I need a Point Guard, someone to make sure that I do stay within my 25 point range.

Applications can be sent to:

A friendly disposition is required.

Must like to walk. Every day.

Compensation negotiable, but it probably involves a brownie sundae reward (mine) in a little less than 30 weeks.


Mucho Gusto

When God closes one door, He often opens another. I think it goes something like that anyway, and I like the concept.

So I may have said good-bye to Cherry Garcia, but I am already making new friends. And the pleasure is mine.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, crisp green salads, balanced meals with healthy ingredients. These are my new dinner partners. We gather at the table as every night, sometimes at home, sometimes in a restaurant. We can find each other anywhere, we just have to look. I don't know why it seemed so hard in the past.

And we aren't just about dinner, we are a team fighting cholesteral and fat and obesity and heart disease and illness. I can't do this alone, sitting on my couch blogging about how I want to lose weight. I need help. Healthy food, healthy activity, healthy friends.

Weight Watchers is bringing me new healthier friends. I can already see that the week between meetings is going to be a long one. I love my cohorts in personal weight loss efforts, and the leaders too. We are a ton of fun - literally.

This is not going to be easy, but it's not going to be hard either. It's a mind game, as my friend Sheila has told me. She lost 50 pounds through the Weight Watcher program and looks terrific.

So, let the mind games begin! I am ready.

Mucho gusto!



It's hard to say good-bye to good friends, life usually doesn't provide an excess of them. I think it's pretty typical to have a handful of very close friends - BFF's - if you like that acronym, people you know you can trust to be there when you need them, no matter what.

I am saying farewell today to a BFF of the past 5 years or so. She is not a lifetime friend, but one who has always been there for me during the tough times in recent years.

Cherry Garcia and I met through a mutual friend about 5 years ago and we connected immediately. It was friends at first sight, so to speak. Or maybe, friends at first taste.

Yes, Cherry Garcia, my BFF in good times and bad is an ice cream.

And as dependable as she has been, literally sticking with me over all these years (on my hips, etc), I think our relationship has reached an unhealthy level of co-dependency. I rely on her to boost me up at all hours of the day and night, and without warning. It's too much - for her and for me (as my weight indicates) - she can't always be there when I reach in to grab her, sometimes she is still at the store or visiting someone else - another it's simply time for a split. Not a banana split, but a real "good-bye Cherry Garcia" split. This isn't forever, it's only temporary until we can get our lives in order and recognize a need to manage our relationship more carefully. I mean, Cherry Garcia is my favorite, I would never walk away completely - I couldn't.

But for now I will miss her, but I will treasure the memories forever (but hopefully will not carry around the "baggage" forever).

Together Cherry and I managed through some tough times, but now we are  ready to face the world alone for awhile. Or at least with some new friends and less baggage. We will reconnect when it's healthy to do so, and oh boy will that be a joyous reunion.

So, good-bye Cherry Garcia, you were there when I needed you and I am grateful for that,  but I am ready to make a go of it on my own for a bit.

Stay cool, my friend.

Hasta la vista.


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