Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cheers, it's a New Year

It went by unnoticed by anyone but me, but as always I lost a day at the first of the New Year.

January 2nd comes and goes like clockwork, and most people don't even notice. In the past it brought a sadness with it for me, but this year, for the first time in nearly two decades, it just came and then went without any emotional baggage.

I know, I's been there all my life, 55 times it's come and gone; what's the big deal?

This year I noticed and I paused for reflection, for meditation, for a look ahead. But this year it was without emotion that it passed through my life for the 33rd momentous time. It doesn't mean anything anymore to anyone but me. And that's OK.

Life may move on, but memories rarely do. And I suppose I am grateful for that.'s a New Year and a new life.

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