Sunday, January 31, 2010

And One Blog After Another Bites the Dust

It must be spring in the blogosphere because I have been doing some spring cleaning tonight.

I have deleted several blogs, carefully managing a tricky cut and paste from the old blogs to this blog to save the extremely important information contained in hundreds of random blog entries that I have made over the years on numerous unrelated subjects. Critical data. Key information. Seriously. It's all about me. (It's 2010, remember?)

So now I only have three blogs. I have this blog, Gia's Outpost, for general banter on just about anything, Baugh Humbug for political ramblings, The Q on the QT for comments on Albuquerque events and venues. If you can't wait the links are to the left in the My Other Blogs box. And sometimes I comment at New Mexico Liberty, although those guys are way to serious and cerebral for me, well, at least they are for most of the time.

But that being said, my spring cleaning in the blogosphere is now done. You can thank me later.

Of course by the time anyone reads through all of those old posts and feels any desire to thank me I will have long since bitten the dust, just like my blogs.

Ah well, what's wrong with a belated thank you, no matter where you are.

So go ahead and thank me, no matter where I am. In the dust, or wherever.

I'll hear ya. Mom's always do.

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