Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No More Excuses

Well, I've managed to find an excuse to keep me from losing weight and exercising for, ohhhh, about 16 years or so now. So guess what? I finally ran out.

It's true. I ran out of excuses.

I got up the other morning and thought about heading out for a walk/run (as I had every morning for the past 16 or so years), and realized I didn't have any more excuses to keep me from doing so. So guess what? I finally ran.

It's true. I ran (and walked) out of the house and up the street, around the park, around the school, down another street, across downtown and back up the sidewalk to my house.

And I've done it ever since. Every day. Without fail.

I am walking and running, and loving it. I don't do this at the same time every day, because my life simply doesn't allow that. Another excuse I used for YEARS. I just make certain I do it every day, sometime.

No more excuses.I ran out of excuses and ran out of my house. Then I ran out of excuses and started lifting hand weights at home. And then I ran out of excuses and cleared out all sugar and fat from my house.

It's a good start for 2010 - my year!

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