Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life in an Adobe Abode

When I was a child, my Dad used to get up on Saturday mornings to "cut the grass". I always thought that was a funny way to say that he was going to "mow" the grass with a lawn mower.

Well, last night, a little different from my Dad's M.O., after the beautiful NM sunset and as temperatures dropped along with the sun, I also cut the grass. Literally.

Since my lawn is basically dirt (the result of a landlord/owner who after 6 months STILL has not done the zeriscape we discussed when I signed the lease in early December 2008 - yes, I am a bit frustrated over this), anyway, since my lawn is basically dirt, there isn't much grass to worry about.

And since I don't have a lawn mower or machete or lawn clippers, but I do have about a dozen tall tufts of grass growing wild along the sidewalk leading to my front patio, I needed to do something to tidy up the lovely dirt entry to my simple adobe abode (oh, that's just WAY to fun to type...ADOBE ABODE. ADOBE ABODE....a real finger calisthenics and mind concentration exercise).

Anyway, as I was standing in my gravel driveway looking at my ADOBE ABODE and daring not to look to either side of my house where lattice trellis and rock walkways lead visitors through natural vegetation and red rock to the front doors of the ADOBE ABODE residences of my two lovely neighbors, I had a brilliant idea.

If Dad got up on Saturday mornings to "cut the grass" in his yard in front of his 60's California rambler, I most certainly could get down on my knees on a Wednesday night to "cut the grass" in my yard in front of my 40's New Mexico ADOBE ABODE. The only difference is that I would not be mowing the grass, I would literally be cutting the grass.

Off I ran to the kitchen to grab my favorite kitchen scissors and then back to the scraggly sidewalk area to drop and cut (there was no fire, no need to drop and roll). So onto my knees I went and the barbering began.

I CUT the grass, with scissors!

There was a lot more to cut than I thought, so I spent quite some time cutting and cutting and cutting the grass along the sidewalk leading to the lovely patio in front of my ADOBE ABODE.

But I chuckled at myself the whole time, on my knees cutting the grass with kitchen scissors (and since I was in the appropriate position, also praying that no one would walk by).

Thank heavens that I have a sense of humor, or "cutting the grass" with kitchen scissors in front of my ADOBE ABODE in the moonlight might not have ended so charmingly.

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