Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dust & Bubbles

Dishes, dust and dirty laundry, will it ever end?

I clean, I cook, I have a sink full of dishes.

I clean, I live, I have dust again.

I clean, I wear my clothes, I have dirty laundry again.

I suppose if I didn't care I could just let it all go. I actually did that a few weeks ago. I cooked and rinsed my dishes but didn't wash them (I don't have a dishwasher). I let my dirty laundry pile up and over the top of the rather large dirty clothes bag I have next to my washer (yes, I have a washer and dryer, thank heavens). And I didn't dust; I just ignored the layer of dirt that was building up on every piece of furniture (to say nothing of the hardwood floors and carpet).

The problem is, I do care. So once I ran out of clothes, became worried about ants and cucaracha's, and could draw my name over and over again on any piece of furniture I wanted AND see my footprints on the hardwood floors, I caved.

And thus began the two-day cleaning marathon. Everything was dust-free and dirt-free and dried food-free. I was in heaven...for about 3 seconds.

And then it all started again....Dishes, Dust, Dirty laundry. The three D's. The absolutes of life. The eternal to do list.

Thank heavens there are 25 more letters to have fun with: Art, Baths, Chocolate, D----, Ellen, Food, Golf, Hiking, Internet, Jokes, K-kids, Laughter, Music, Nighttime, Opera, Play, Qdoba, Rest, Sightseeing, Travel, Ukulele, Vases of Flowers, Walks, XMen, YouTube, and Zoo.

But now, if you will please excuse me, I have chores to do; just a little dust and bubbles to go with my fun.

The Eagles "Dirty Laundry"

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