Sunday, July 5, 2009


When you look at your life and examine things that have happened as a result of your own decisions or actions, and also as a result of the actions of others, it's simply amazing although sometimes frightening.

Look at us...we live in America. We enjoy freedom. We share the joys of life, liberty and the right to pursue happiness. We have the right to worship God as we please, or not at all. We are truly a blessed people.

Is every day perfect? Do we glide through life effortlessly? Is our nation at peace? Are we completely confident in our leaders? Is the economy strong? No, no, no and no! But we are a nation of opportunity and the pieces are there if we, as a people, choose to work together and complete the puzzle that was started so many years ago by the founding fathers. I am so grateful to live in the United States of America, a nation I consider blessed.

Today I witnessed yet another blessing, another joy of life when my granddaughter, Kierstyn Avarell Jorgensen, was blessed by her Father, JR Jorgensen. What a little doll she is and what a great man he is.

And speaking of blessings, I am not a perfect person. I am what some might refer to as a lazy Mormon - others have referred to me as a reformed Mormon (which actually cracks me up) - but whatever the assigned title, I am and will always be a Mormon, lazy/reformed or not, and more importantly, I hope that I am a good person, a kind person, an honest person - because I am blessed.

Today I was reminded just how grateful I am for the influence so many people had on me just over 30 years ago as I was searching for something to tie my anchor to. I am grateful for the principles taught by many, including the LDS Church - the focus on family, the practice of daily effort to become a better person, the principles of service and sacrifice.

Today was about all of those guiding principles - the eternal truths that make us get up in the morning and face the daily grind once more; our liberty to do so, the life we dream of, our desire of happiness and comforts with our family. Today was an affirming sequence of events with family that underscored the deep-seated truths that I have held close for so many years. Those basic principles of life that give each of us our sense of being, our purpose for living, our work ethic, our desire to push through the hard times and our ability to laugh and love.

It was so fun to be with my kids (4 of them) and grandkids (4 of them) today in Cedar City. I had a wonderful day. Nothing makes me happier than to be around their fun, eager, honest, open personalities. I always learn from them and I always enjoy them.

It's been a great weekend. I was with people I love and people who love me the entire time. Together we pursued happiness and together we found it. Blessings were given and blessings were received.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were lived. The country celebrated the 4th of July. Flags waved on every block and nearly every building. Parades marched down Main Street America. Fireworks exploded in the sky in celebration. Families gathered around bar-b-ques in backyards. Stories were retold. History was made. Laughter was shared. Babies were blessed.

This weekend I lived a blessing and I am grateful. God bless America.

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  1. You're my favorite lazy Mormon! I am SO glad you were able to come up. Thanks for always being there. Love you.