Monday, July 13, 2009

Ten Random Thoughts

I am too tired tonight to write anything cohesively coherent, so here are some random thoughts that are definitely not cohesive and only marginally coherent.

Random Thought #1 - Cedar City's appeal just bumped up several notches with the possibility of living within boundaries of the "Wagon Trail Ward". Is that a cool name or what?

Random Thought #2 - Little America in Salt Lake City was always a popular place to stay for General Conference, but I never had the opportunity (we usually stayed with friends). All was not lost, however, because unbeknownst to me there is more than one Little America and recently I stayed in the Little America in Flagstaff. I love the Legend of Little America (found on a postcard in the lobby) so I will share it here:

Back in the eighteen-nineties when Little America's founder was a young man herding sheep in a dreary section of Wyoming, he became lost in a raging northeast blizzard and was forced to camp out all night at the place where the original Little America now stands. O that long January night in a terrible storm with fifty-mile per hour winds and 40 below temperatures, he longed for a warm fire, something to eat and wool blankets. He thought what a blessing it would be if some good soul would build a house of shelter at that desolate spot. Many times in his heart he dreamed of a haven for travelers with a crackling fire, a warm bed, delicious food.

In the nineteen-thirties when he saw Admiral Byrd's picture of "Little America" in the Antarctica and his isolation so many miles from his base camp, it reminded the founder of his experience in the Wyoming blizzard. The thought came back to fulfill his dream, to erect a haven of refuge on the spot of his harrowing experience. The name, of course, was a natural "Little America".

From its beginning on Wyoming's southwestern desert, Little America has grown to include properties throughout the western United States.
Random Thought #3 - Sometimes happiness is staring you right in the face and you look right past it.

Random Thought #4 - Every day counts.

Random Thought #5 - Personal trainers are for those with time and money. Dedication really has nothing to do with it.

Random Thought #6 - The grass only grows greener on the other side of the hill if it rains more on that side.

Random Thought #7 - Sanity is a state of mind.

Random Thought #8 - Never go to sleep with your pistol beneath your pillow.
Random Thought #9 - Dirt is a lesser evil then dead grass.

Random Thought #10 - If I want to live somewhere because of the coolness of a name, what could be a better choice than Albuquerque?!?!

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