Monday, July 6, 2009

I Want To Can Do It!

I want to can do it! I do, I really do!

And so did my granddaughter, Kourtney, as she hung with the tips of her pointed toes only an inch from the drop pad beneath a monkey bar, wanting to let go and drop, knowing she could do it but searching for the will (and the faith) to just let go and trust her own instincts and the cheerleading team (parents, grandma, aunt) yelling their encouragement.

"I want to can do it!" is what she said just before she let go and dropped successfully to the pad. She was so proud of herself! And we all cheered!

Isn't that how we all feel about new experiences and challenges? We want to do it, we think we can do it, but we are hesitant, maybe even afraid...we want to know that we can do it, but that inch drop seems like a mile, that hour seems like an eternity, that new job, or new relationship, or "A" grade seems impossible. And the cheerleaders in our lives cannot go unrecognized, sometimes the encouraging words from someone close can be the fuel we need to take us the final stretch of a long journey, or the last inch of a drop, when we might otherwise have given up.

I love the eagerness of youth, their willingness to try, their want-to-can-do attitude.

We could all use a little more of that innocent zest for life in our lives! We need to want to can do it!

I want to can do it, do you?

Crosby Stills & Nash "Teach Your Children"

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