Sunday, July 12, 2009

Legally Redhead

So, do you remember the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) plants herself on the grass in a lawn chair near the field where all the guys are playing football? You know, it's the scene where the guys lose focus on their game and almost fall over themselves (drooling) when they look at her size 2 body tucked into the pink lawn chair with her crossed bare legs and a designer lunch box of gourmet snacks and cool drinks?

Yes? Well, that's exactly how my day went today. Kind of, well, almost. Actually, that's not how my day went at all and that is not even close to how I looked today when I sank into my lime green lawn chair which I had planted in the grass near the area where all the guys (and gals) were playing volleyball . I even crossed my jean clad legs and casually enjoyed my homepacked lunch of hummus and crackers. But I didn't get the same reaction; not even close.

I had a great time watching and chortling and making wisecracks from the sidelines, but I was not decked out in hot pink anything and my cool drink did not have a colorful paper umbrella jauntily perched in the cup. Oh, and I was not wearing pink feathery heels, nor was my tshirt hot pink lycra -- my shirt was yellow and I was wearing flat brown leather sandals.

Other than that, we were exactly the same. Really. Almost twins. It's amazing. Don't let the hair fool ya.

However, I think I broke the tie with fresh blueberries and cherries (which I shared). Elle Woods may be a California blonde, but I am a New Mexico redhead.

And that means that I win!

Legally Blonde "Watch Me Shine"

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