Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Techno Weddings

There was a day, not so very long ago, when weddings had to be planned a minimum of 6 months ahead of the scheduled wedding date. Not so much to allow time for making doilies and creating rice filled sachets, but to allow for the transfer of information between the engaged couple, the future in-laws and the bride's parent(s).

Today, 6 months would still be nice, but the reality is you can do it in weeks because of technology and the easy transfer of information in a very short amount of time.
For instance, in the past several days I have emailed - individually in their own separate emails - several name and address clarifications to my darling daughter (the gorgeous bride), all in response to a call, a text or an email from her. It didn't take several days, it wasn't laborious, it was easy. She asked, I looked at my online database, I responded. Quickly. "Guest list done!"

And RSVP's had to be accounted for, the time for a guest to decide to attend, to remember to complete the RSVP card and the postal timeline for the RSVP card to arrive back in your mailbox. Not anymore! RSVP online, at a website or a blogsite, or just text the bride and groom if you really want! Voila! "RSVP's done!"

And registering...it used to be the very last thing a groom wanted to do - wander through the china department of a store he didn't even want to be in. Now he can sit and watch TV and just nod his head as the bride points to something on her laptop computer screen and with a click they are registered for that item - right there in their own living room with the outdoor channel blasting survival techniques the whole time. They never miss a beat. "Gift registration done!"

You can even download a mix of wedding songs, or create your own mix on iTunes (see below) And that leaves the venue and the flowers, dresses, tuxes and food - and some things just shouldn't be done online. Please.

Techno weddings are the way to go! Of course, in spite of all the technofacilitation, brides and grooms are still stressed, still using checklists (albeit online), still overwhelmed and still counting the days until it's over! But before we know it we will be saying "wedding, done!" And from that moment on.....life should just get better.

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  1. SO TRUE! Not only was ours simple and quick, we had a reception center help with the rest of it. And I don't regret it, ha.
    Lucky for us, it gets better every single day. I got a good handsome one ;)