Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things that can bring us out of the doldrums. For me, a quick reality check and attitude adjustment, a tall glass of mojito lemonade and a New Mexico sunset are pretty much all it takes.

No, it doesn't FIX things, it's just a band-aid, but it sure takes the edge off and makes life seem a lot more fun.

Satellite Coffee in Albuquerque (I can walk to one!) is now selling mojito lemonade - lemonade, ginger and mint. It's delicious and refreshing. I bought two. I drank one while watching the sunset last night on my front patio (following my self-administered reality check and attitude adjustment) and I carefully perched the second glass in my freezer. I actually dreamt during the night about the slushy mojito that I am going to enjoy later today!

It's a new day and I am smiling. Hope you are too.

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