Friday, June 5, 2009

Just me and Willie

There was a time in my life when I ached for road trips....and the beach, but that's a topic for another post.

I still love road trips. They clear my mind. As a friend says (more or less) there's nothing like seeing dust in the rear view mirror.

Well, yes, pretty much, sort of...that's almost true. The past few months have given me ample opportunity to see dust in my rear view mirror as I have trekked back and forth and back and forth between Albuquerque and Salt Lake City as if it was a normal commute. At this point, I am ready to see my rear view mirror laying in the dust somewhere, while I sit on a camp chair and drink something wonderful with NOWHERE to go!

Life has been hectic, but every trip has been worth it, no matter how much I am complaining at this moment. It could be a result of my sore bottom, a lack of sleep, two new lines beneath my eyes, a dwindling back account due to so much travel, or..........MAYBE it's because I got a ticket last night.

Yep, I did. I was not happy about it either. No signs, no warning, two lanes, but I was ticketed for passing in a no passing zone.

If it hadn't been so late, if it hadn't been dark, if he hadn't looked like a typical, irritatingly macho and very skinny UT trooper, I probably would have done a quick U-Turn after signing on the dotted line and gone back to take pictures.

But I was tired, and he was ornery and I just kept moving forward, irritated as hell, but moving forward.

I have always enjoyed dust in my rear view, and I am certain I will again....but last night, I enjoyed seeing that skinny uniform disappear IN the dust in my rear view. And it won't be long before I am back in the saddle, so to speak.

I may not ACHE for road trips these days and Southern Utah will be a bit richer when I pay my fine and I will be a bit poorer, but no one can take away my love of seeing the dust in my rear view. Not even a skinny uniformed trooper in the middle of the night.

On the road again...........but I am taking my camp chair along.

Willie Nelson "On the Road Again"

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