Thursday, June 25, 2009

They're With Us!

Fresh air. Hot dogs. Cool drinks. Girlfriends. Baseball. Sunshine

Mix those ingredients and you have a fuuu-uu-nn night!

Shake 'em up a bit, and fuuu-uu-nn just became fuuu-uu-nn-errr!

Well, we were "shaken up" a bit at the Isotopes game last week. Four gal pals enjoying a rather boring first 3 innings and yelling our lungs out in support or frustration, depending on the play.

The guys in the row directly behind us kind of chuckled for a bit, after all, they were about 23 and we were an average age of about 55-young, but soon we were all 'on the same team' and cheering and ranting in harmony. They liked us! We had spunk. We had spirit. We were not 23, but we weren't dead! And evidently, they noticed...and they weren't the only ones...

Suddenly, a group of 6 military guys about 7 rows below us jumped from their chairs at the same time we did, and hooped and hollered in a (second) harmonizing chorus to our cheers. They turned around to cheer US on and one of them hollered...."Ladies, come on down, sit here in front of us! We have beer, we have peanuts, we love your spirit, come on down!"

We were flattered, stunned, tempted, hesitant and laughing through the whole interchange, midst raucous cheering I might add (we never stopped!). We were alllll shook up and having a blast!

Suddenly, and to our surprise, the 23-year-old choir behind us yelled down to the 30-year-old chorus below us, "They're with us!"

OMGosh! What?

Who? What? We're with who? We are? REALLY? Wow. We laughed so hard! We loved those guys, the young and the younger.

We stayed put, but there's no question...we were making beautiful music together. (Go 'Topes!)

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  1. Well, you are a hottie! You forgot to mention that they voted you "Best Eyes"!