Thursday, June 18, 2009

NAIN DAT! (or 90 days and counting)

Yep, 90 days, that's all I've got. Old age is just around the corner. I am about to walk through the door to mega-maturity. Goodbye youth. Adios to innocence. (actually, maybe I am already there, since I still think I am young and innocent). Farewell to the younger life.

Vaarwel. Ta'. Farewell. Yadalanh. Tlaa. Ta-ta. Ciao. C'ya. Sciao. Chiao. So long. Baai baai. Adios. Genes farwel. Adiu. Hooroo. Aloha. Nabai. Katora. Aju. Good bye. Cheerio. Salut. Bye-bye. Adeus. Ba-ba. Tschau. Adio. Later. Aman. Shalom. Namaste. Moog zoo. Tata. Bless. Adiyos. Babay. Abik. Te'yoos. Bai Bai. Ti. Sainara. Yawa. Onen. Kutbai. Nakota. Qosh. Toq. Chemutakwe. Tchaw. Sudi. Loa. Permisi. Aroha. Nana. Accha. Adyosi. A go dey see you now. Ae. Way'. More. Tse'. Okei. Bae-bae. Tchau. Ratucama. Pa. I-ai-i-we-dang. Fa. Orevwar. Zbohom. Jaaw. Hasta luego. Synes. Parahi. Nofo a. Chuu. Veda. Ziech. Arvey. Hwyl. Sholem. Adye. A guten tog. Ma chaa'. Yanna. Chahara. Goodby. Goodbye. Bye. Byebye. Gone. Done. Outta here. (translation: Bye!)

September 18th. 90 days (+ or -). 55.

That's right. I said it. You read it. 55. Five, five. Fifty-five. Basically "old".

How did this happen? Where did the past 35 years go? I can remember my first 20 years, but the past 35 seem to be a blur.

Well, let's look at the upside. I can look old and have an excuse, cuz I AM old. I can get discounts on some things - although the "official" senior citizen "qualifying" age keeps rising at certain establishments. I will have an excuse to have someone else lug heavy stuff for me. I can explain why I didn't see the fine print. I can drive slower and not be embarrassed. I can NOT remember things and NOT have to make any excuse (if I could remember the excuse). I can lose my keys in my purse and be OK. I can wear purple. I can stop pretending I don't have any vericose veins. I can have white hair. I can wear glasses and save the expense for lasik. I can wear a skirted bathing suit, mu-mu's and orthopedic shoes...or not, actually.

Next thing you know I will need a walker and one of my son's will patiently say, "Mom, it's just not safe for you to drive anymore," and then he will gently pry the car keys from my hand and make off with my '03 Honda, sunroof and all.

And soon the kids will be putting signed masking tape on the back of my antiques - with their names written clearly indicating future possession. (not that they want them, but they CAN sell them for moolah). I am not gonna be leaving much, but I hope to leave things of sentimental and financial value, that are debt-free. At least that's the plan...

I am certain they are already wondering which one of them will have to take me in at some point. Drawing straws comes to mind, or a game of pool...winner, no...loser takes Mom. :)


90 days.


(no excuses for saying that, it's perfectly appropriate at this instant and is what my Mimi would have said too - her only swear word - and she lived past 90! Proof positive that cursing isn't bad for your longevity).

Ah well, in any case, life goes on - I hope (for a bit longer, anyway).

I better get ready though. I need to prepare. What should I do first? Go to the beach? Travel to Europe? Go paragliding? Write a book? Buy a Harley? Become an artist?Get a tattoo? Pierce something?

Maybe I will start with trying to get a grip on the past 35 years before I worry about what to do in the future, that might help me plan the next 35 years.

It's a theory anyway...

I am determined to make the most of the next 35 years (and remember them)! And to begin, I suppose it's not too early to start planning my 90th birthday party for September 18, 2044!

But before that, let me think. What do I want to do BEFORE my 90th birthday, what do I want to do in the next 35 years? Hmmm. (and let me take a minute here to pontificate: You know, you don't FEEL old as you get old. You still feel young, like when you were in your 20's or 30's. You are the same person, same mind, same's the body that's breaking down. And it's damned (translation: darned or dang) frustrating! (and no, Mimi would not have said that, but I am entitled, I am almost 55!). I don't feel old, and they say that you are only as old as you feel, which makes me somwhere between 25 and 45. I can deal with that. I loved those 20 years, what I can remember of them, that is. Ok, back to what I want to do in the next 35 years or so.

Let's see. I want to: spend time with my kids and their families. Spend more time outdoors. Finish Kyle's Christmas stocking. Complete the cookbook slash journal slash Gia-history for the kids. Go to Europe for a month (OK, ten days will do). Travel through the US in an RV. Watch my grandkids grow up. Maintain my sense of humor as well as my perspective on life. Sort through all the pictures I have. Be of service. Be philanthropic (you don't have to be financially wealthy to do this, thank heavens). Find Kalen's baby pictures. Get rid of my storage unit (after 25+ years -that's a car or two, I believe). Meet new friends and strengthen the bonds with old (just a word, not a sentence, pun intended) friends. Continue to improve my physical and emotional well-being. Get my degree. Build TeenFibro to a national level. Become financially secure and have enough $ to not be a burden to my children now or later. Laugh. Laugh more. Laugh even more. Love and be loved. That's about it. For now. Who knows, I am almost ancient, I may have forgotten a few things.

But, in all seriousness, I think this To-Do list is doable in the next 35 years, don't you?

OK, then! I have a plan in place. The battle is almost won. I am gonna look old age in the eye and then hobble on through - laughing the whole way.

Only 90 days to 55? Pffft, who cares? I have 12,867 days until my 90th year and my 90th birthday party! I'm outta here; I need to find a party dress! You don't turn 90 years old EVERY day!

Well, this is one option. I think Mimi would like this dress, she was always a bit edgy... a real risktaker. After all, she said the "sh" word. I take after her, as you can see.

Mu-mu? Pffft.

Now, if I can really pull this off at 90, the question becomes: what should I do for my 100th birthday? *chanting now*: "you're only as old as you feel, you're only as old as you feel "(translation: "hide the mirrors, hide the mirrors!").

No worries, I have 45 years and 90 days (+ or -) to, what was it I was planning????

Nain dat. (translation: That's all.)

Happy Birthday to You on piano

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  1. I think you could - at the very least - finish Kyle's Christmas stocking! :-D