Saturday, June 27, 2009

Something Out of the Norm

The world lost a legend yesterday. Michael Jackson died at 50. I did a quick Google search for a connection between Michael Jackson and New Mexico, never expecting to find anything, but life is just full of surprises and I found something - not exactly what I was hoping for, but a tribute of sorts nonetheless. The YouTube clip is described as "something out of the norm." I believe that's an apt description of Michael Jackson as well.

I still remember the "real" Michael, the younger Michael, the unaltered Michael, the innocent Michael. He was amazing. He smiled. I hope he is smiling now, and may he rest in peace.

And may Farrah Fawcett rest in peace as well. In her death, as in her life, she was shadowed by others, but I know that she made an impression on me. She was 'something out of the norm' too, always her own person. Three's Company was one of my favorite TV shows in its day and I tried for years to get my hair to be a redhead version of the Farrah Flip. It just never happened.

I loved Michael's sound and his moves, and I may not be able to master the Farrah Flip or dance like Michael, but I can still rock out to Billie Jean in my own way. So can this guy and these guys...enjoy.

UNM Dancing Guy "Billie Jean"

Filipino Inmates "Thriller"

Michael Jackson Memorial "Heal the World"

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  1. Remember that awesome MJ poster I had on my wall in Crestline? He was in a yellow sweater and he was still black. And we (Mengs and other neighborhood kids) choreographed our own version of Thriller and tried to sell little handwritten tickets to our "show". It was a flop. ;-D