Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Still Look Good

Cab drivers have always interested me, after all they come in all shapes, sizes, moods and nationalities. It's not that I expect to become their best friend or join their family for dinner, but typically a cab driver knows the city he is driving in. (And I said "he", not to be stereotypical, but because I have never had a female cabbie.)

Nevertheless, cabbies are usually trivia experts about the town they drive in. Often they are well-read, or at least well-informed through the news media and almost without fail, they have opinions to share if asked. Sometimes they make you laugh, or make you mad, or make you late, or make you on time, or make your day. It's a crap shoot, with one exception. They do know where they are going, and most importantly, they know where you are going too.

I was thinking today how easily we stand on the curb of a busy street in an unfamiliar city only to climb into an unknown vehicle with someone we know nothing about and proceed to tell them where we want to go and expect them, without much concern, to take us there. Blind faith in taxi drivers, who would have thought.

But, in spite of my love for cabs, this afternoon I am riding the LimoLiner, basically an airplane on wheels, but with bigger windows. It's been a bumpy and rainy ride, but I have a power outlet, wi-fi, reclining leather seat with leg support, and lots of space. I can't complain. I have accomplished more in the past 4 hours on the LimoLiner, then I have on a single day in my home office. It's amazing what you can get done when you are not distracted by other things and have no where to go.

We were served lunch. Our attendant wanders down the aisle regularly to see if we need anything - pillow, blanket, beverage, snack, trash pick up. I have been waiting for the flight attendant speech since we boarded. I guess it isn't necessary.

Anyway, this has been a great ride but I would choose a cab and cabbie over this anyday. The driver has not said a word on this trip and almost ran a couple of cars off the road because his huge right side mirror was loose and he couldn't see when changing lanes. He finally stopped to fix the mirror at a rest stop. I think we will live to see another day.

And speaking of another day, my cabbie this morning made my entire day. I spent a total of 6 minutes in his cab and we talked for about 4 minutes of that time, but he asked if I was in town to see family, etc, etc and finally asked, "Do you have kids and are you married?" My response was almost as succinct as his question: "I have 6 kids, 7 grandkids and have been married 3 times. His response:

"You still look good..."

Ahhh, the magical power of words. I am gonna take those at face value and disregard any possible additional words he was thinking, such as "...considering".

Cabbies are the heart of New York.

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