Friday, September 18, 2009

Mouse Trap Poker (Or Happy Birthday to Me)

No more poker face. No more hedging my bets. No more bluffing. Let's just say it like it is: I will never be 110, so my life is at least half over. I am old.

It's time to just buck up and face reality. 55 has hit.

It's been a good life thus far, I can hardly wait to see what the next 30 or so are like. I remember birthdays with my parents, birthdays with my grandparents, birthdays with my sister and brother, birthdays with my kids, birthdays with friends, birthdays with coworkers, birthdays with spouses, birthday with family, birthday with grandkids...I remember my 9th grade surprize birthday party in Rialto with all of my best friends - the first coed party I ever had at my house (my friends threw the party, but coerced my folks into hosting it), I remember birthday serenades and birthday presents and birthday trips...I even remember getting a bright red Porsche Cabriolet one year - yes, a real one. I have had some amazing birthdays.

And this year, it's a bit different since no family is in New Mexico, but it's still good and  I really can't complain, I have dozens of Happy Birthday greetings from friends and relatives by email, in the mailbox and on FaceBook;  I even have my own little rodent who has taken residence in my house and seems to know all about mousetraps since he avoids them day after day (12 traps now). I suppose he will be more than happy to share my cake with me. :(

Anyway...I have to admit that I have had better birthday's, but it's a good day and I plan to celebrate. Tonight I will gather at St. Claire's Winery in Albuquerque with 20 or so other conference speakers and sponsors for dinner. And tomorrow night a bunch of us are heading out to hear some live music, so in reality, this is going to be a fun birthday.

But the best present would be to catch the darn mouse, so I think I will treat myself to another dozen mouse traps as a birthday present! Maybe I will tie balloons on each of them......who knows?

Happy Birthday to me....(ya old lady).

The Beatles "Happy Birthday"

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