Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Come here, lil August, where are you?

I am a frantic mess. It seems that I have lost 31 days. Have you seen them?

I am serious. Somewhere between July 31st and September 1st a month disappeared.

You probably still think I am kidding, but the proof is everywhere: it's on my kitchen wall, in my day planner and even in my office.

Three calendars, still flipped to July, but I am told that it's September. How can that be? I never even turned the page to August!

If I had kids at home we would have missed out on all the before school sales and even missed the first day of school. If I wanted to sneak a last weekend at the beach into our summer it would be too late. And those 10 pounds I was going to lose before September are still with me.

I am almost 55 and I don't have 31 days to spare any more! So, I better scoot, I have 31 days to catch up with...I don't want to miss Fall!

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