Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Time to Get Serious

It's time to get serious about....

FREEDOM - are we taking our freedoms so much for granted that we no longer even pay attention when their very existence is threatened? And not by terrorists, but by our own government?

MORAL JUDGEMENT and HONORABLE PRINCIPLES - are we lowering the bar for our children and grandchildren by lowering the bar for our standard of acceptance when it comes to elected officials, church leaders, community organizers? are we electing and approving poor role models for them to follow?

FINANCIAL SECURITY - are we trusting our future to someone who really isn't looking after our best interest first, after all, handling our money is how they earn their money. Sure, good management of investments is their job security but their bottom line remains their own.

FAMILY TIME - are we spending so much time making sure our kids can keep up with the neighbor kids through lessons, sports, activities, extracurricular events, tutoring and other things that take them away from home that they are not even familiar with what a HOME should be?

CHILDREARING - are we turning the responsibility of teaching and raising our children over to day care centers?

HOUSEHOLD BUDGETS - are we working so hard to balance the family budget that there isn't a family left? With both parents in the workforce, are our children losing any real sense of family and home to the necessity of a double income to buy wants not needs?

PHYSICAL CONDITION - are we eating while we work and working so many hours that we never have time to move, to exercise, to take care of our bodies? Are we sleeping enough?

SPIRITUALITY - are we taking time to say thank you, to reflect on the blessings of each day, to remember the miracles in our life? Ere we left our rooms this morning, did we think to pray? are we feeding our spirits as often as we feed our bodies?

RECREATION - are we giving ourselves time to rejuvenate? are we taking time to smell the flowers? has Calgon taken us away recently?

ENVIRONMENT - are we listening to the concerns about waste and pollution? are we recognizing that although some may take this issue too far, it is a reality we can improve? are we buying smarter, thinking green where it makes sense, disposing of garbage appropriately and recycling when we can? are we littering or do we stop to find a trash can?

MENTAL and EMOTIONAL HEALTH - are we looking for opportunities to relieve ourselves of stress? are we strengthening relationships by investing time in them? do we have date nights? do we listen? do we talk? do we find alone time? do we take vacations, if only for a one day road trip? do we let the house go for a day and do something fun instead?

THE SIMPLE LIFE - are we making choices to simply our lives? are we choosing the less damaging paths? are we seeking calm away from the chaos that has become a norm for so many?

BALANCE - are we working to balance the three-legged stool? are we finding time to serve others, to serve God and to serve ourselves? do we make time for church, work and family? can we find time for solitude, for family time, for community work?

So many areas of my life need improvement and I am working on them even now. It's too late to completely fix some of them but I am serious about changing what I still can.

I am sure I missed something, but this is a pretty good start, dontcha think?

I don't know about you but for me it's time to live life to its fullest. This list will help...

Live Your Life "T.I (feat.) Rihanna"

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