Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Wedding

A wedding happened, I know it did, I was there. However, I have very little memory of it because I was coming off of 2 1/2 weeks of training in DC and then flitting here and there to make certain things that needed to be done actually got done before the bride walked down the aisle, the guests arrived, the music played, etc. I don't remember sitting except during the ceremony...

But in spite of the flurry, this is what I will always remember: Kelly, my beautiful daughter and Logan's bride, with tears in her eyes as she looked into the mirror just before walking out for the processional, holding her bouquet in her hand and turning her head away from the mirror as she said, "I can't look at myself, because when I do I cry. It's finally real, it's me, I am in my wedding dress, I am a bride."

I will never forget that tender and genuine moment. I also remember the look on her face as she walked toward Logan on her Dad's arm, and the look on Logan's face as he watched her coming toward him. It was a tender and mind-seering moment.

Later, Logan would capture his feelings of that earlier moment with a more brazen exclamation of, "She is smokin' hot!" (He didn't look too bad himself!)

From the two families that linked arms and worked their tails off to make Kelly and Logan's special day extraordinary, to the 200 leftover popsicles that never made it to the serving table (yes, popsicles and otter pops were a late request of the groom), to the four gorgeous bridesmaids including Kalen and Karynn, Kelly's sisters, and Shaina, Kelly's darling Cle Elum friend, and also including one awesome maid of honor, Daneile, to the two white swans gliding over Lichfield Pond as the wedding and reception were going on, and finally to Kelly's huge smile as she looked into Logan's eyes during their first dance...it was a magical night.

There were glitches, there always are, but that's what makes weddings real, andbecause they love each other, and because they are both loved dearly by their families, it all came together on August 29th, 2009 for Logan and Kelly Washburn.

So, yes, a wedding happened, but more importantly, two families united to support Kelly and Logan on their wedding day, and Kelly and Logan were united in love and respect and friendship and commitment as husband and wife.

Thanks to Kelly and Logan for their patience, their love, their example, and thanks to the families of these two newlyweds for their hard work and selfless efforts to make certain this once in a lifetime event was truly magical.

And, in fact, "magic" barely even begins to describe this wedding, but the picture above says it all.
A wedding happened and I am honored to have been there.

Music to be added later....

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