Monday, September 14, 2009


A decade ago the word "closure" was unknown as something relating to relationships. It was what you did when you closed a bank account.

Five years ago "closure" was the buzz word and everyone needed closure on something...a relationship gone bad, a misunderstanding, a death....and everyone talked about "needing closure".

Today "closure" is part of everyday language and also understood as an important part of healing, but just as it was ten years ago, closure today is not always easy to come by. Some situations simply never go away - divorce, death, birth, some serious do you get closure on something that you face every day of your life, even when you try to avoid it.

And then there are the uncontrollable moments in your life when you are forced into the middle of something you thought you had closure on. Those are the real tests.

And that's when you need to take a deep breath, and suck it up long enough to survive the required experience, then step back from the fray and take a moment to sum up the situation in your mind, and finally, if all is really as you thought,  grab the door handle, stand up tall  and SLAM the door closed. Then walk away and don't look back. It's no longer your problem. It's not your issue. It's not yours anymore. Walk and don't look back, look forward. Remember Lot's wife?

Don't look back. It's painful and can prove damaging in ways you had forgotten you were vulnerable. So, look forward, remember who is important in your life, lift your chin, take another deep breath, and let go. Leave it behind and never look back.

Closure, slam it closed.

Boston "Don't Look Back"

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