Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trash Day

Why is it that every day of the week EXCEPT trash day, I think to today trash day? And then I madly rush around, tugging my jeans on (since I am still in my pj's) and gathering waste baskets in my arms before dashing out to the trash can and then doing the 100 yard dash to the curb.

Trash day is a great example of how people work. It represents good and bad personality traits: procrastination, forgetfulness, the ability to rally when there is a need (remember hearing the truck rumbling down the street and knowing that you have not put the trash can out and are not even dressed yet? Are there other times of nonemergency that you can remember where you have hustled at that pace? I highly doubt it). Trash day is unique.

In some ways, trash day is a symbol of life at its best and worst. Piles of garbage thrown into a large box truck. Responsible people rushing to get every last scrap of waste out of their lives for at least one more week - kind of like communion or sacrament. Any spoiled food and torn pieces of paper are quickly collected and tossed into wastebaskets then carted outside to the trash can which is lugged behind you (thankfully on wheels now) to the curb.

We kick our trash to the curb weekly, just as we rid ourselves of the waste in our lives that needs to be left behind so that we can move forward.

And we need to kick some bad habits out too. And bad thoughts, and old anger, and hatred, and jealousy, and any inability on our part to be tolerant and to forgive. To the curb with all of it. Let's get rid of the trash!

And let's do it with the same energy and determination that we use on trash day, when we hear that rumble a few doors down the street. Let's clean out those closets, straighten our drawers, peek into those ignored dark corners, shine some light into the shadows and empty our lives of unnecessary waste and time-consuming, spirit-draining negativity. It's unsanitary, it's unhealthy, it's trash.

Trash day. It's today. Get rid of the cobwebs. Shake out the anger. Forget the wrongdoings. Toss it all.

Today is trash day, don't miss it. It won't come around again for another week and that's 7 more days of waste, of life lived incompletely, of limited spirituality because there is so much trash in the way.  Do we really have that much time on our hands? Seven more days to waste? Seven more days OF waste?

I don't. It's trash day, and I am tossing stuff left and right. It's time to get rid of guilt and anger, to let go of past mistakes that hurt others and past hurts caused by others. Fix what you can and get rid of the rest.

And I hope that on that last day of our lives, when we are forced to really examine even the deepest lint-filled pockets of our life, on that very last trash day on earth, we are not scrambling around trying to find hidden piles of trash in the hopes we can still toss it out; I think it might be too late if we wait that long. The old trash we never got rid of will have soured and festered and melded together and become part of who we are, or it will be in that darkest corner we never clean out. At that moment, I really think it might be too late. After all, I know that feeling - I have missed the garbage truck before, haven't you?

So, toss it out now. You will feel better. And trash day will be so much easier.

Weird Al "Trash Day"

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