Saturday, September 26, 2009


Words are something we often use casually, without much thought. We fling an exclamation one way and shoot a profanity another. We casually toss words like LOVE and HATE around with our friends and family.

Words can build us up or tear us down. In one syllable sometimes.

They can do more damage than a triple black belt in a dark alley. They can make us feel like a million bucks easier than a new dress can.

Words stick with us. We use them as throwaways, but they never really get thrown away. They linger in our minds. They lift our souls or dampen our spirits.

They hurt us, they anger us, they frustrate us, they enlighten us, they make us laugh.

Words are important. They are serious influences for good or bad.

We often want to have the LAST word. Sometimes we wish we could take hastily and thoughtlessly spoken words back.

But words, once spoken, cannot be erased. They were heard. They were felt. They were assimilated into someone's life. Words are like glue, they stick, and sometimes they stick in ways we wish they wouldn't.

Words can be uplifting and encouraging and hopeful.

Words can also be dangerous and harmful and degrading.

We need to be more careful how we use our words. We need to edit in our minds before we say anything.

Words - they can make us or break us, and they can make or break the person we are talking to as well.

It's easy to spit out words, it's not so easy to take them back.

Choose words carefully. One word can speak volumes, even more than the following 5 paragraphs of dialogue can.

Words are powerful and must be handled with care.

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